Belan Wali Bahu 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update

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Belan Wali Bahu 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Laddo's ghost says to people that please save Roopa. Roopa is unconscious in the bathroom but no one can see Laddo's ghost pleading. Lata comes to family, Dada asks where is Roopa? Lata says she went on a ride, they all nod and start singing.

Laddo's ghost is trying to bring people to bathroom but no one can see him, Laddo's ghost says please save my wife. Laddo's ghost goes to family and says woman's ghost locked Roopa in washroom, she is suffocating, save her .. but no one can see Laddo's ghost. Ramnath says where is Roopa? Lata says she is a kid, she will comeback, Dada says its very much time, they all go to find Roopa. Lata thinks that Roopa wont be saved today.

Jitendra, Naren and Ramnath searches for Roopa, they say Roopa

is not seen anywhere in park Shalini shows selfie and says Roopa was seen in the washroom in the background of my selfie but she did not come out with Lata. Jitendra says she should be in washroom They all go to search for her They come in the washroom and all of the smoke there, they see Roopa unconscious there, they try to wake her up Roopa wakes up, they all make her sit down Laddo's ghost glares at fake Lata He asks Roopa if she fine? She says I am fine, they take her from there.

Roopa drinks water, she says to dada that I am fine now, Dada says we should leave Roopa says no we should stay for some more time, I am good. Naren says we can play antakshari Roopa says we can play hide and seek Laddo's ghost says can you see Lata's woman's ghost inside her Roopa says there is nothing like that Jitendra says lets tie blindfold Roopa says Lata can do it, they all ask Lata to go first. Roopa outs blindfold on her, Lata says keep me away from water Laddo's ghost says she is after her life and my wife is playing games with her Roopa whispers to family that I am going to surprise mummy She takes Lata from there

Roopa brings Lata in a boat, she makes her sit inside and opens her blindfold. Lata sees water all around them and panics as she is ghost, she says water? Roopa glares at her Fake Lata says water scare me Fake Lata says take me out of here, why did you bring me here? I am scared of water. Roopa says but Lata mom likes boating, she loves water, she told me she will go boat riding with me today, you thought you would go in mummy's body and i wouldnt know? you thought I wouldnt trust my husband's words? and I got proof when you said you are scared of water, your game finished, come out of my mummy's body. Woman's ghost says I will kill you. Roopa shakes her and says you are surrounded by water, come out of her body. Woman's ghost says you didnt do it yesterday so i went in lata's body so i will kill you Roopa says I am sorry if we bothered you but you cant do this, my husband has never irritated anyone, he never had the benefit of anyone, he would have been miffed with me and took you out on anger, I promise you will not talk to you like that ever, leave Lata's body, she says no Roopa shakes the boat Woman's ghost says no I am leaving her body, I will not return to this body or outside your house, I am leaving .. Lata screams as woman's ghost leaves her body. Lata has sigh of relief, she looks around and sees Roopa. Lata says you know I love boating, lets do it. Roopa says leave it, lets go back to family, lata says okay, they swim away.

Laddo's ghost asks Roopa what is happening? The woman's ghost is in Lata's body. Roopa says that ghost left, you will see her somewhere Laddo's ghost looks woman's ghost folding hands and going away, he asks whats happening? Roopa says I got the doubt on her when she said she is scared of boating but in the morning Lata wanted to go on boating ride and she did not even let me clean saree with water so I got to know that there is some ghost in Lata's body and she was scared of water so I took her near water and brought her out of the bag Roopa says leave all that, I'll tell you later. Laddo's ghost says if you knew about it then why did not you listen to me in first place? Roopa says I wanted proof first before listening to my husband, Laddo's ghost says you dont even listen to your husband.

Scene 2
In the morning, all family members are home. Door bell rings, Jitendra opens door and finds some man there Jitendra asks what is you doing here? Mohan says you have to give rent of uniform and belt Jitendra says I sent through Shalini, he calls Shalini and says I gave you 1000rs to give to Mohan. Shalini says I needed card for storing selfies in phone so i bought that Jitendra says what did you do? Jitendra asks Mohan to leave, I will send you rent later Mohan shouts that no I will take rent today Dada and Ramanth is there and asks what happened? Mohan says he took police uniform on rent from me and didnt pay rent Dada says rented uniform? Shalini says he took his uniform when he was suspended and he wanted uniform Dada slaps him and says you wear fake uniforms? Ramnath says you have ashamed us Dada asks Ramnath to give him money, Ramnath takes out Dada's money, Dada gives rent for next 6 months Dada says I can not think his suspension will return even after 6 months, Mohan leaves Dada says you should be ashamed, he leaves Jitendra cries.

Laddo's ghost is sitting on terrace. Jitendra comes to the terrace and says useless, jerk, you are of no use Laddo's ghost looks at him and he thinks he is talking to him, he says. Jitendra says I should be slapped, I am useless I am jobless so no one is respected, if I am doing doing business like this Laddo's ghost says he is talking about himself, he is dejected, and depressed, I have to do something.

Laddo's ghost comes Roopa. Roopa shows him first day of Jitendra's duty, she says he was so confident Laddo's ghost says he is tensed in these days, he says he is useless, says dada scolded him today, Laddo's ghost says his confidence is losing. Roopa says Dada should slap him but not scold him Laddo's ghost says show him his old photos and achievements to bring his confidence back but .. he does not have any achievements. Roopa says once he gets a rat, Laddo's ghost says you will be power by telling this? you are cute but do not do that, tell him achievements of people that started from scratch, people who build themselves from nothing roopa says i got it. Laddo's ghost says I want my brother's confidence back.

PRECAP-Roopa calls Jitendra and says go to chota Sajan godown, he built himself from scratch. Jitendra and Shalini go to Chota sajan.
Laddo's ghost says to Roopa that Chan Sajan is a don, not some inspiration.
Chota Sajan kidnaps Jitendra and Shalini Roopa calls him and says leave them, how much ransom you want? She asks her budget, she says we can give you 5 crore .. no 10 crore Laddo's ghost is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Belan Wali Bahu 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update

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Belan Wali Bahu 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update